Beerjet 6 MOBILE

Pro dočasné použití na festivalech, koncertech a významných událostech


Beerjet is equipped with a pneumatic glass tilting system. The taps are equipped with automatic volume control. The system is controlled by a central computer. Basic settings and container size selection on the touch screen. The system is operated using push buttons. The operator can set the pouring speed and amount of foam. The system is equipped with an electronic flow meter. Beer temperature and operating pressure are monitored electronically. In the event of a power outage, the taps can also be operated manually.


Stainless steel unit with 4 swivel and locking heavy duty casters


BJ 200 flow cooler: (B) 675 x (D) 400 x (H) 640 mm, beer lines: 4 x ½”, output
200 l continuous 400 l peak at 10°C temperature difference, 1 x trace cooler


2 x pressure containers 18 l for rinsing and wastewater with coupler set.
These containers can also be used for CIP cleaning.


CO₂ coupler set: for 2 x 10 kg CO₂ cylinders, double pressure gauge
(5 and 3 bar), 1 m pressure hose.

Requirements for installation

No special connections required
Power supply 230 V AC (10 A)
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